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Dr Ahmad Hajizadeh Estabraghy

Dr Ahmad Hajizadeh Estabraghy is a software technology lecturer and consultant specialised in business intelligence, analytics, bpm, big data, and enterprise integration. He first began university lectureship and research at Middlesex University in London in the early 1990's teaching computer science and engineering at degree and master's degree levels. At the same time he carried out PhD level research in the field of software engineering. He has since been working in both academia and software industry and has been involved in the development of pioneering projects such as Business to Business Ecommerce (B2B) in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

He is the managing director of Patternway®, a company which seeks to inject operational intelligence, BPM and analytics in organizational processes management through its proprietary enterprise application (Patternway iBPM Suite). In addition to the solution providedd by iBPM suite, Patternway provides software development, training and consultancy services on enterprise software development and integration projects.

Dr Estabraghy's fields of interest and expertise are Business Process Management (BPM), Operational Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration and Development, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Architecture, Middleware,  Software Quality, and Design Patterns. He is the founder of which campaigns for the promotion of high quality software through the application of design principles and design patterns. BetterSoftwareDesign provides consultancy and training services to assist software development organisations improve their software architecture and design through application of software patterns and design principles. Dr Estabraghy holds a degree, master's degree, and a PhD in computing and software engineering. He lives in London (UK).

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PhD Thesis   "Utility of software patterns in application development and management"

View Dr Estabraghy's PhD thesis in the British Library Catalogue (here)

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