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Software Quality through Design Patterns

Quality concerns should be at the heart of any worthwhile software project with the aim of producing software that is of high quality in terms of its design and operation. As software gets more and more complicated, having to model the complexity of real life and business activities, it will be more and more difficult to continuously and systematically develop and produce high quality software. It is therefore vital that we place at the centre and focus of the software development projects and implement a practical and systematic set of measures, techniques and principles to sustain a quality-based culture of software development to produce software that is of high quality. Software pattern (i.e.architectural, design and process patterns) can help practitioners achieve better quality software projects and products.

Business Intelligence and Pattern Mining

Essentially, business intelligence (BI) concerns the application of new technologies to business activities and enterprise to achieve better results in terms of business profit, growth and stability. It employs a whole range of technologies such as data mining, text mining, predictive analytics to achieve its objectives. It is a fact that the more complex and extensive the business, the more complex the BI technologies that are required for optimum results. Although big businesses stand to gain more from business intelligence technologies, nonetheless all businesses small and large would benefit from BI's powerful effects at different levels. Implementation of business intelligence in organisations can be as simple or complex as that which the management and the budget allows. The implementation of some business intelligence in your business need not necessarily cost more than you can afford.

High Quality Software through Agile Process Pattern

A key component of any software development project is the selection and application of an appropriate development process suitable for the development project at hand. Although there are many development process documented in the literature, it all really comes down to making a choice between agile and plan driven development process. Although strictly speaking the line between the two is sometimes blared and there often projects that require a bespoke development project made up from a combination of the two methodologies.

Minimize Consultancy

We would be happy to provide consultancy services on a range of topics in software engineering and business intelligence. Please see the details.

Consultancy Topics
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Software as a Service (SAAS)
Enterprise Application Development
Classic Object Oriented Design Patterns
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Software Quality Improvement
Software Development Methodologies (e.g. Agile & Scrum)
Software Project Management
Business Intelligence and Data Mining