Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Implementation

Essentially, business intelligence (BI) concerns the application of new technologies to business activities and enterprise to achieve better results in terms of business profit, growth and stability. It employs a whole range of technologies such as data mining, text mining, predictive analytics to achieve its objectives. It is a fact that the more complex and extensive the business, the more complex the BI technologies that are required for optimum results. Such big businesses however stand to gain more from business intelligence technologies that the small businesses. Nonetheless all businesses small and large would benefit from BI's powerful effects at different levels. Implementation of business intelligence in organisations can be as simple or complex that the management and the budget allows. The implementation of some business intelligence in your business need not necessarily cost more than you can afford.

BI constitutes a number of business functionality such as data mining, text mining, OLAP (online analytical processing), predictive analytics, measurement and business performance management. We will discuss these topics in detail.


Data Mining

As IT technology in both hardware and software continues to grow, capturing and recording data is becoming increasingly cheaper and more prevalent. Some search engines, for examples, receives billions of queries and collects tera bytes of data daily. In view of the fact that data are becoming available in unprecedented volumes, harvesting and mining them to gain advantage in business and other activities is of crucial importance.

In addition to the analysis and processing of available data, data mining describe the process of generation of specific data to study a particular phenomenon or test a particular hypothesisData mining process employs disciplines such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database systems to achieve its goal.

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We will present an introduction to business intelligence and data mining. We will cover all the major issues and way that we can leverage the BI technology to better understand and manage business activities.


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