Business process management


In contrast to traditional hierarchical management process, BPM promotes process optimization by encouraging organizations to employ and integrate high technology,  be innovative and flexible to achieve business efficiency and effectiveness. BPM enables organizations to simulate changes to business processes based on real-life data and continually streamline and optimize the process to ensure that it is tuned to its market need.

Business process management (BPM) is a process optimization process that focuses on improving organisational performance by managing and optimising a company's business processes. Patternway iBPM Suite provides the enterprise software technology for organisations to be more efficient and effective through optimising the management of their business processes. It extend the concept of business project management and workflows to provide a holistic approach to managing enterprise business management through process languages such as BPMN and BPEL. Patternway iBPM encompass the most cutting edge technologies to provide a first class intelligent management solution to today's challenging business management.

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We will present an overview of the fundamentals of an Intelligent Business Process Management System. We will cover all the major elements in BPM and show how it can be leveraged to manage and automate business processes.

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